I have made a variety of different memory pillows these past few months and have gathered them into this post to share with you. These items are so simple yet carry so much sentiment for my customers. I’m not sure I should be proud that I make my customers cry. But I am proud that they entrust their special pieces to me. They often share the stories of their loved ones and I am always amazed at how we can be transported by the memory of a particular outfit.

One of my pins is of pillow cases made from button down shirts. The pin has gone a bit viral on Pinterest and has led a lot of customers to me. And thanks to my creative customers, I have made all kinds of variations!

Pillows with Piping made from a House Dress

I had one house dress and needed to make six pillow cases. I ended up using the dress for the front fabric and a contrast quilting cotton for the back and was able to make them 14″. A white piping was added to set it off and I made an envelope closure on the back.

pajama pillow

pajama pillow

Patchwork Pillow Made from Shirts

This customer wanted a patchwork pillow made from her dad’s shirts. She sent me four shirts and, at her request, I created four equal squares. For the back, I sewed the squares to one of the button panels to make a simple opening to insert the pillow form.



Prom Dress Pillow with Piping

My customer sent this lovely prom dress and asked me to make a pillow with piping. I suggested using the straps as a tassel in one corner.






Pajama Pillow with Embroidery

This pillow combined knit pajamas with a seersucker top. I used the seersucker as a border and also used the seersucker to create a heart applique. I also successfully completed my first embroidery!






Hanky Pillow

A local customer told me that these few items were all she had that belonged to her dad. I quilted the folded hanky on to the bandana to create one side of the pillow and the T shirt for the other.







Sentimental Flannel

When this flannel shirt arrived, paint stains and all, I was moved by what my customer wrote on her postal form to express the value of the item: “Sentimental – My Dad’s. He’s in Heaven.”




You can see the pricing for my pillow cases on my Pillow Page. Simply contact me to ask me to make a special pillow for you.