I have to say, I’m “Crazy For” these pillows! My customer sent me quite a few T Shirts and was interested in a pillow case. We had quite a few discussions before we honed in on making square pillows. These are going to be a gift for a theater director.

I love the colors and I love that they are from musicals (there may be some plays – I have not seen all of these!)  I think they will make a fantastic gift.

Thank goodness for graph paper. That is my  main tool when planning the layouts.

I have several listings on my Etsy shop for various pillow cases, but it’s always best to just talk to me first about your ideas.

Another customer asked me if I could create a pillow out of this varsity jacket.

The jacket had been damaged in a fire. The leather was brittle, it was missing snaps and the wool was discolored.

I found a lovely home dec fabric that I used as a border accent.

I removed the row of snaps and some of the patches. I then sewed the two sides together and reattached the patches on the front and back.

Despite the discoloration, it is my hope that the pillow preserves memories for the person to whom it belongs.