I recently had the opportunity to create these lovely memory pillows from clothes. My client didn’t want them to look like the clothes, necessarily, but wanted to use elements of the clothes to create interesting designs.

The black pillow was created from a denim suit-style jacket that was trimmed in a ruffle. I cut a square from the back and sewed the ruffles on the diagonal. For the back, I used a piece from a grey wool skirt.

For the denim and gingham pillow, I started with denim from the back of a house dress. My client didn’t want the button placket or pockets included and she wanted it paired with the gingham shirt. She did want the buttons so those were sewed down along the edge. I love the result!

The orange sweater is one that we didn’t achieve a non-clothing look. However, if she places the back side of the pillow outwards, it will showcase the lovely lace design and won’t harken a cardigan.

I love it when my clients give me new ways to create special memory iteims.