I had an incredible opportunity to create some unique memory items using clothing from my client’s father and brother. She sent me the clothes and we hashed out four bags to make for four different women in her life (including herself!).

This first design was for a slouchy tote.

The bag is a generous size and lined with sweatshirt fleece.

The next tote is a library tote or book bag.

This bag had a patchwork panel, underlined with fleece and lined with duck cloth. A pair of Disney suspenders were used to create the straps by backing them with the duck cloth.

For a special niece that is attending Kent State, I used an old sweatshirt to make a drawstring backpack.

On the back, I appliqued a motif from a special shirt.

I used the Kent State fabric and some Disney fleece to make pockets.

The last item was a US Air Force Garrison Cap. Originally, we thought we would add it on to one of the bags.  But when I was holding the hat, I realized it could make a clutch purse if I added a zipper.

Adding the zipper was a bit challenging. I inserted one size by machine and the other by hand.

For this, the hat can be used as a clutch bag. Or, these Disney suspenders can be clipped on to make it into a cross body bag!

I simply cut off the other side of the suspenders at the leather junction.

I love how this project was a collaboration between my client and me. She is a former art teacher in the greater Cleveland area and was a pleasure to work with! I enjoyed the creative process with her!