The calm before the storm?
I’m not sure, because it has been a hectic month filled with:
Maiden Jane orders
Personal crafting
Getting college kids home
But you are all familiar with these things. So I’d like to take a moment to say “Thank You”.
“Thank You”
  • to my blogging friends.  Your kind words, support, encouragement and inspiration keep me going.
  • to my old friends.  I may not have seen you in a while, but I’m glad that we can stay in touch via the internet – I continue to value your friendship!
  • to my Twitter friends.  I have met such fun people on Twitter!  Thanks for the support, the ReTweets, the ideas, the conversations, the collaboration, the sales, the customers, and the simple camaraderie.
  • to my Facebook friends.  My Facebook family spans many different portions of my life.  Thanks to my Etsy friends for your continued support.  Thanks to all my various school friends.  You have all shared a part of my life and it is so much fun to stay connected to those years!
  • to my family.  Thank you for your help, your challenges, your support, the music and your love!
Oh yeah, and thanks for the grey hairs!

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday season!