I am thrilled to share my interview with Sara of Twillypop.  I adore her shop almost as much as I adore her!  My family is crazy about the ribbon and pearl Twillypop necklaces!  And I even have hope of being called “fashionable” when I wear mine!

Tell us about Twillypop.  What was your inspiration?

I suppose that ultimately, I could say that color was my inspiration……and ribbons……and beads……and the endless possibilities of the combination of the three

How long have you had an Etsy shop?

My shop has been open since September 2009

My daughter and her friend have this one!
Walk us through a typical Twillypop day.

Typically…hmmm… How about we do ‘on my best days’?  I wake up early and have coffee and spend time in my bible while the rest of my family sleeps.  Then I will either do an hour or so of Twillypop work OR go for a 5 mile run.  Then, the fam wakes up around 7:30  and I have coffee time with my husband while the kids get their breakfast until 8.  Usually, we are at the table starting school by 9 am.  The morning is spent, my 3 kids and me, at the dining room table. Doing school, and me trying to make an item or two or squeeze in a blog post. School is usually finished around lunch.  I DO take a short nap after lunch if it has been a very early morning. {I LOVE napping} Then, house chores, get dinner prepared, and get ready to go to the gym to lift weights when my husband gets home.  Some evenings I squeeze more Twillypop work in. But,  most evenings are spent chatting with my husband and or watching whichever television series we happen to be watching at the time on Netflix.  You will notice that there is NOT a lot of time in there to spend on my business.

My nieces received Genevieves for Christmas!

What do you love/hate about blogging?

I LOVE doing it. I love the sharing and I love the friends I have made through it. I don’t like the ‘having to do it even when I don’t feel like it’ part.  But, I’m seeing now that a successful blog is built with consistency, which is a big struggle for me.
What is your favorite/most effective social media tool and why?

My favorite is twitter.  I love the variety of people that I have met and I love the instant gratification, so to speak, of having people respond to my tweets right away.
If I were to be a bride again I would totally wear a Twillypop!
Do you enjoy other hobbies?

Working out is definitely a hobby for me.  I also love to read, but there’s not a whole lot of time to do it. Also, if napping COULD be a hobby it would be at the top of my list.
Do you work and/or study outside the home?

Nope. I’m the luckiest and I get to stay at home with my babes. J

Me, wearing my necklace and trying to make my neck as pretty as Sara’s!
Describe your fashion sense.

What fashion sense? :-D I don’t know how to describe it except to say…. I like what I like.  I guess I’m a little trendy, but I try to keep a classic edge. Or would it be vice versa? Classic with a trendy edge? I dunno. I wear jeans and heels A LOT.
Are you a small town or big city girl?

SMALL town.  I have lived only 4 hours from NYC my entire life and have NEVER been!!!
Favorite vacation spot.

Hilton Head Island, SC. We have been so often now that when I pull onto the island I feel like I’m home.

Twillypop Gift Set
Fondest childhood memory.

Spending entire days catching  enough salamanders  and tadpoles from our pond to fill an industrial sized mayonnaise jar.  We spent day after day filling the jar & emptying it at the end of the day.
Who would you like to be for a day?

Honestly, Jane, I have thought and thought about this question.  I don’t mean to be lame but my answer really and truly is no one but me.  I am thankful for everything that I have. I’ve lived long enough to know that people’s lives are seldom how they seem from the outside.  I don’t envy anyone anymore.  Everyone, rich or poor, famous or not, has their fair share of problems in this world. I am quite content right where I am and would not trade places with anyone in this world. 
Best advice on raising kids.

Know yourself and get to really know your kids. Get to know how they are wired and learn to parent them accordingly.
I think one of the things that makes great families great is that they learn to be who they are.  Every family unit is as unique as the people that make it up.  The biggest blessing for me as a wife and mother came when I stopped comparing my family to others and started to enjoy who WE are and how WE do things.

Advice on balancing family life and managing a small business.

OH!…….is there a way to balance family life and a small business??!!  I guess for me, I always try to prioritize my family.  As hard of a struggle as it is sometimes, I just try to remember to put ‘first things first.’  The ‘first things’ for me are my husband and kids.
What’s your favorite chain type restaurant?

We have an Italian chain here called Delmonico’s that we all absolutely LOVE.
Favorite candy.

Dark chocolate
Your scariest moment?

3 scariest moments: each of my children {at different times} split their faces open  {what are the odds?} and needed to go to the ER for stitches.  I guess you really never know scary until you are driving your kids to the ER {also, I know that what I experienced was mild compared to others, but it got the old adrenaline pumping nonetheless}

What helps you when you are in a bad mood?

After I throw some stuff and slam a door or two, praying really helps.
Use one word that best describes yourself.

See, don’t you love her?  Sara, I love your awareness of who you are and your dedication to your husband and kids!  I feel blessed to have met you (via this crazy online world.)  Keep doing the great things that you are doing!  Thanks for sharing!  Be sure to connect with Twillypop.  You will want to read her blog and dig into it a bit for some amazing personal stories!  Connect with her: