OK, it doesn’t get any more revealing than that.  Wiiiiide, knuckles.  Dry, cracked cuticles, worn thumbs, unfinished nails.

You may think my hands are only spent here, at the keyboard.  But they also spend many hours here:

These hands guide fabric, wield scissors, wash dishes, cook dinner, scrub toilets (with gloves on!), sooothe sore shoulders, knit stitches, prick each other, comfort boo boos, play piano, type, guide pens, hold tissues, “dial” phones, make beds, dust, grab beach glass, hold cards, move chess pieces, fold laundry, hold books, ….

I love my hands and all the things they help me do.  They help me engage in the things I love to do!

And have you ever seen such short thumbs with awful fingernails?  My dad used to say short thumbs, which he had, meant we were stubborn.  I think he was right.  I am sure you have never seen a woman with thumbnails as wide as mine.  Really, they are wide and there is no way to file them to look like graceful, so I keep them trimmed back to almost nothing.

But then again, that’s when I remember to file them.  I try to moisturize my hands, but they are in water so much and getting priced with pins and handling fabric that it is difficult to keep them moisturized.

Check out those veins…..But I don’t care….because my hands reveal much more about who I am.

Thank you to all who participated in “Hands Exposed.”  I’m going to extend the linky date so that anyone still wishing to share their hands can join in.