What a week! The storm, whose effects reached Ohio with quite a bit of vim and vigor, is still being felt by so many. The images of the devastation were unimaginable.
The officials cancelled Halloween and we celebrated last night. That lost some of its vim and vigor, as well. Annie morphed into a Christmas tree. Isn’t that hat a riot? She got it at the craft fair.
The craft fair seemed to be slow. The President was at another school about a mile down the road. All kinds of roads were blocked and traveling in the city was difficult. I’ll be curious to see if it had an impact on the attendance numbers. The girls still did well selling their wares. I made some wine cork ornaments, but we didn’t sell that many.

I also made some shamrock pendants and sold some of those.

I have a busy custom making schedule ahead of me. I was supposed to finish all my Christmas shopping in October. Here we are in November and I haven’t started. I also like to make gifts, but haven’t thought about that either.
Would you like to share what you are making for gifts this year – if you are making anything? I’d love to be inspired! Feel free to leave a link!