I’d like to introduce you to a fresh, new, Etsy shop, Words Truly! My oldest daughter created this shop as an outlet for all the words in her head! She didn’t quite inherit the sewing gene like Annie did, but she has an amazing mind and a love of books. She was an early reader. It often fascinates me how unique your kids can be and what influences them – the nature vs. nurture debate. I wonder if she is such a wordsmith because I read to her brother so much? I read to all the kids, of course, but being that my oldest is only 19 months older than her, the only thing I could do with him while spending so much time feeding her as a baby was read.

Combining her love of words and music, she has created word inspired pendants, stationary and shirts with inspiring words, quotes, and sometimes snarkiness.  I love the play on the popular song “Call me, Maybe?”:

Her word pendants are coming along. There are just a few listed in the shop currently, but many more “on the table.” 
She’s a huge fan of the new Sherlock, which inspired this “Sher-lock” necklace!

She’s just starting out, so stay tuned for more when you visit Words Truly!