7:00 Alarm.
7:15 Get up, make coffee.
7:20 Wake up 2/6 of the household, feed, send to Church (don’t worry, the rest of us went yesterday).
7:30 Wake up another 2/6 of the household.
7:45 Make scrambled eggs, pack 2 lunches, empty dishwasher.
8:30 Send 2/4 kids downtown for 9 AM call time.
8:45 Load dishwasher.
9:00 Read newspaper.
9:15 Get dressed, make bed, finish folding last load of clothes.
9:30 Mirror, yikes!, make-up, not much help. Hair is wild, hair straightener is downtown.
10:00 Take daughter to Redbox to get a movie for the afternoon, pick up a few extra buns, go to two craft stores in search of supplies for 13th birthday/craft party.
12:00 Make lunches for remaining 4/6 of the family, load dishes and start dishwasher.
12:30 Carve roast beef (cooked yesterday) and prepare au jus. Make salad, set the table for dinner.
1:00 Read emails, knit a few rows, enjoy cards and gifts from 10 yo son and 12 yo daughter. (bookmark and 3 “best of” cds of classical, jazz and Broadway music.)
1:45 Greet Mom, head downtown with husband. 2/6 of family left behind because I didn’t want to pay for the tickets.
2:30 Head to our seats and read program.
3:00 Enjoy fabulous show. Beam with pride as my kids accompany the performing choir on piano, guitar, and sax.
3:30 Cry silently next to Mom as she wipes tears during Ann Murray’s “You Needed Me” (A year ago, Dad was still with us.) Enjoy a great variety of music, including Billy Joel’s Lullaby, Defying Gravity, a gospel version of The Impossible Dream and the rousing Battle Hymn of the Republic.
6:00 Prepare dinner.
6:30 Eat dinner with Mom and family.
7:00 Receive Panera gift cards from 17 yo son and 15 yo daughter
7:30 Empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, make 5 lunches (while everyone else is watching Monk.)
8:30 Sit down and knit…..
9:30 See everyone off to bed
10:00 Finish the last piece of “Hey Teach” (a spring sweater I hope to wear before summer arrives!) and steam block in prep for seaming tomorrow.
10:30 Turn in. Thank God for the blessings that are my family.