I was asked by a customer to create a blanket using her son’s old baby clothes.  How could I not swoon when I opened the box filled with adorable clothes and memories!  (My kids’ clothes never looked this clean!)
We worked together to determine the size she wanted and the size squares to use.  We decided on a final size of 8″ squares and a 48″ square blanket.  It was actually a challenge to cut the pieces, deciding what motifs to share and stitching all the openings closed.  In some cases snaps and buttons had to be removed.  Many times they were left as a design feature.

 In the case of the hat, I stitched it to another square.

This little undershirt was too small to create an 8″ square, so I stitched it to another article of clothing!

Mom wanted a white chenille for the bag, which I pre-washed to shrink.  Her son just turned two and I think he will love the blanket!  It’s very soft and cuddly.

I had so much fun taking pictures that I have a few more on my facebook page!

This blanket is very similar to my 20-block blanket.  It is not limited to T shirts.  Use any article of clothing!  Wait until you see how one customer has challenged me!

I have created a listing for this kind of blanket.  With all of my custom items, feel free to start the process by contacting me!