This last item is the same great size as my oversized beach totes.  (I keep mine filled with towels and ready to go in my closet!)
There are amazing fabrics from which to choose.  See #3 and #4?  Those are the same fabrics as the black mod dot fabric shown above (which is now sold out.)  These fabrics are a high quality, decorator-weight cotton oxford, 8.7 ounces per square yard.
The great features of this bag begins with its size.  There are very few oversized totes on the market.  This bag can hold ten towels, or a beach quilt and several towels.  It folds easily to pack in your luggage for beach trips.  And the best part is that it is available in fresh, modern fabrics!

This new line of custom bags will also have some additional features, including a key clip and a pocket to secure your keys, cell phone and other items.

Wishing you a good week!