Another blanket!  I just love the look of these hodge podge quilts!

Since having my 30th (shhhh) high school reunion last year, I’ve been able to reconnect with old friends.  Facebook has enabled that!  We are at similar stages in life:  high school graduates, college kids, graying hair. (OK, the latter is only me….)

I love getting to know a bit about my friends, their lives, and their kids lives.  It’s like filling in the blanks of all the years that have passed.  But I feel connected to those with whom I spent so much time during the school years.  The shared bonds of memories….

And now we send our kids forth with their memories, with all the things that have helped shape and define them….to set out on the journey of life.

This mom is like me as far as laundry is concerned.  I’m not one of those moms who presoaks uniforms….they get thrown in the wash and come out looking…well, not super clean.  The striped fabric is from the side of baseball pants.  There’s a few dirt smudges here and there….

Working on blankets is prayer to me.   I think about the owner of the shirts, the person buying the quilt, the memories, my own memories.  In a way, each blanket is part of my own journey.