I love the opportunity to work with customers to create what they envision.  I had the opportunity to create two quilts for young woman and her sister.

These are similar to the Stadium Blanket I made for my friend.  However, it uses smaller squares and a polar fleece background.

This is a simple blanket.  It does not have the “frames” of my 12-shirt quilt.  However, it is about the same size.  It is very soft and cuddly since it is made out of all knit fabric!

It’s a wonderful throw and could work well as a picnic blanket or stadium blanket!

It is a great way to plow through a collection of high school, college, sorority, dance, and fundraiser shirts!

My customer gave me very nice feedback!  I hope her sister loves it!

Ready to ship:

I have consolidated my 20-shirt quilts into one listing on my website and Etsy with options for square size and backing fabric.