I recently had an opportunity to review eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com.  My eyes have been changing lately. In the past few years, I’ve needed to use reading glasses and purchase inexpensive pairs to leave around the house.  I’ve needed them so much, however, they are usually sitting on my head.  Night driving is starting to get more challenging, so my doctor felt that distance correction was needed. I purchased bi-focals. Well, I couldn’t focus on the computer, which I use frequently through the day, so I had tri-focals made.  I simply can’t get used to them.  I am waiting for my next visit to get a new prescription and then I will try bifocals again with, perhaps, a pair of reading glasses near the computer.

I’ve never purchased glasses frames online before. But I may give it a try. I decided to try sunglasses from the GlassesShop.com. Because of my uncertainty about my prescription, I didn’t want to try prescription sunglasses.

I like to have sunglasses in a few places – my purse, near the garage door and in the car for driving.

Years ago my husband bought me a pair of Ray Bans. I would put them on the top of the stroller and then open the cover and lose them!  He replaced them once. After that, I switched to inexpensive pairs that I wouldn’t feel bad about losing or sitting on!

I have a hard time finding glasses I like.  I prefer that they cover my eyebrows, which is a challenge on this face! Annie helped me select this pair and I really like them!  They have a touch of black and gold, which goes with many of my outfits.

I love having scarves with me lately, especially in chilly restaurants or when on boats. My hair is wild enough, but I can wrap it up in the scarf so it’s not whipping in my face.

Here is my family before my niece’s wedding reception last week and a few of us are decked out in our sunglasses.  (Note the reading glasses on my head, ugh.)

If you would like to try prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com they are offering a coupon code GSHOT50 to my readers for 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded.)