This is how happy I am with my new wrap – the November Ruffle Wrap by Kate Jackson of Knitting on the Square.  She has a wonderful shop in the quaint town of Chardon, OH. 

Winters in Northeast Ohio are brutal.  The areas east of Cleveland are located in the snow belt and get lots of snow because of Lake Erie.   Chardon, with it’s elevation, gets a whopping 106″ annual snowfall! 

The November Ruffle Wrap is perfect for throwing over your shoulders when running about town in NE Ohio November.  I also wanted to be able to wrap it around my neck like a scarf.

See how it matches my hair?

Here’s how it looks on skinny-ma-link Annie:

The yarns are a mix of wool and alpaca strands held together, resulting in a warm, cushy wrap.  The design is simple and perfect for carry-around knitting.  I worked on mine during my son’s football games.

I dragged Annie outside for a photo shoot and promised to allow her photographic license.  She insisted I only looked good when I smiled.  I took out the photos on the swing, the ones with the flower in my mouth and the ones with my hair in pigtails….

Ravelry details here.