I have been doing a lot of sewing and a little bit of knitting, but I cannot share my creations with you at the moment.  However, I don’t think my 10 year old son will be reading this blog, so I will show you the helmet liner I made for him.  The pattern was designed for our soldiers to wear under helmets and many generous knitters have knit them and sent them off to the troops via Operation Helmet Liner.  It is a quick and satisfying knit.  There are specific requirements in gauge and yarn if you ever make one for a soldier.  In my case, for my son who loves everything military, I thought this would be a great gift.  In addition, I think it is highly practical for a day out in the snow.
The beauty of this helmet liner is that it keeps your neck warm without the fuss of a scarf.  Also, you can adjust the opening to cover as much or as little of your face as you’d like.  We’ve all used scarves to cover all but our eyes and nose when playing out in the snow!
I hope to model this on my son as soon as possible.  I did not make many modifications and worry that it may be too big.  I changed the decreases at the head to every row.  I also mitered the corners to eliminate a gap that can appear when following the directions.  The yarn is Wool Ease, chosen for its softness and washability.
I hope all your creations are moving along!
PS.  Thanks for all your kind comments on the dresses!