Do you like to shop online?  I’m not much of a mall girl myself.  My goal in life is to avoid the expenses of shopping, but some things you need, like food and some clothing….I love Land’s End and will make purchases online.  It’s especially convenient because I can return items to Sears if they don’t fit.  Of course, I love the gorgeous handmade items on Etsy and try to support the handmade community.   I hosted a giveaway some time ago from CSN stores, where you can buy everything from a bed to brooms!  I am going to check out a cordminder that they sell because I purchased (and returned) one from Amazon and was not pleased with it.  I am really in need of one because my iron’s cord always gets in my way, especially when I am pressing my T-shirt quilts.

I know that I will need to do plenty of shopping before my son heads off to college.  I’m dreading that, but I may let my fingers do the walking….

If you have never tried purchasing fabric online, there is a great sale going on at Contemporary Cloth!  Check it out here.

I am very excited to have some of my handmade items for sale in a brick and mortar shop that sells handmade items in Cleveland.  It’s called Satly not Sweet.  On a recent visit to drop off items, I bought some items!  (See, bad shopper!)  I picked up a fabulous scented candle made out of an old wine bottle from Terra Verde Soap and Candle Company, similar to this one on her Etsy shop.  That, along with one of my oversized beach totes is going to be a friend’s birthday present today!  Here’s a few of bags I recently added to my shop!