Last year I bought some beautiful Sisboom fabric by Jennifer Paganelli with the intention of making myself an oversized beach blanket. I just love the fabric – the colors and designs make me so happy!

We’ve had a bit of an unusual summer here in the midwest. We are in a cool zone. We’ve had a lot of rain and now we are having mild, fall-like weather. It is the kind of weather that makes the house a little cool. So we laid out the blanket in the middle of the lawn and it felt delightfully warm on our backs.

 We enjoyed a little “No Stress Chess”. Actually, we played standard – and I lost to my son.

Yep, there’s my pedicure on my ugly feet! The pedi is going strong. The manicure didn’t fare so well.
The colors on the blanket are all washed out. Clearly, I need to learn some things about photography….

Last year, I photographed my nephew on my niece’s blanket. I used the photo in my Oversized Beach Blanket Tutorial and it has been pinned over 1,000 times! Of course, the cousins were teasing my nephew about it. I had hoped to get a photo with all the boys on the blanket so I could have a contest on the cutest model over on my Facebook page. But I was only able to snag one of the boys….my sweet nephew Patrick!

I mentioned that I created a Beach Ensemble for a customer to give to her daughter who is moving to Hawaii. She sent me the nicest note:

 It was a welcomed surprise for our daughter. Thank you for your 

quick quilting talent to make a dream-come-true gift.

They will treasure it with many family beach outings.

I’m so happy with my blanket. It works well as a beach blanket or a picnic blanket. We used it yesterday at a music festival that had about 30,000 people in attendance. They didn’t all walk across my blanket (although it felt like it at times). But it is heading into the wash today!