I was asked to make an oversized, mesh, sand toy bag by a customer. i had been wanting to design one for a long time. Years ago, my husband and I made a huge bag out of a large piece of mesh that was used to cover our banisters when the kids were little. His idea was to make a basic bag shape with handles. But the top portion was extended and folded in. So, when we were done at the beach, we could open it up like a Santa sack and drop everything in quickly.n You can see it below (and see that it bore a lot of use over the years!) It’s close to 30″ wide. What is harder to see is the top half folded down into this bag.

I searched the internet for ideas and found this post very interesting. It starts with an inexpensive mesh bag from Target. Great idea! I wanted to make the bag bigger, so purchased mesh at JoAnns.

As you can see, the finished bag is quite large! It’s about 28″ W x 38″ H with an 8″ boxed bottom. The strap is attached to the top and bottom fabric bands and the very top is closed with a drawstring with cord lock.

Sadly, I don’t have any young kiddos and sand toys at home so I wasn’t able to stuff the bag! I will be selling this in my Etsy shop or you can contact me to discuss your custom bag.