I was honored to create a blanket in memory of my customer’s mother, who passed away in June. She had been ill for a while and her husband had mainly seen his wife in her pajamas for the last four years. Today would have been their anniversary.

The box arrived with nine or so fleece and flannel pajamas.  I was not sure what to create since this was a little different than most of my other projects.

When searching for ideas, I stumbled across this Snuggly Bricks Quilt. My customer and I liked the idea. It was simple and straightforward and a good way to use all the patterned fabric.

I also discovered that Joann Fabrics now sells extra wide fleece!

I started cutting one pair of pajamas and was able to estimate how many strips I could make. I figured I could always buy some filler fabric if necessary. But I didn’t need to do so. I ended up cutting rectangles that were 6″ x 10″. I sewed ten in  a strip and then staggered the strips.

The blanket ended up being huge! It is 80″ x 98″. I simply pinned the top to the fleece and double turned the edge to create a binding.  I stitched the binding in place and then stitched in the ditch across the blanket every 3 rows.





I had enough fabric leftover to make a couple pillow cases, too.

The blanket is simple, but beautiful, I think. It is big and cozy and filled with memories.











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I’ve added this blanket to my product offerings on Etsy. It can be created in various sizes, including youth, throw, and bed sizes.