I make no claims to being a fashionista….I’m a plain Jane in most fashion matters.  But I do have opinions on fashion.  One particular pet peeve is in regards to strapless dresses.  Now I did wear them at one time in my life and, overall, love the elegant look of a strapless dress.

However, I can’t stand to see girls constantly pulling their dress up. 

I have seen scores of teens in their formals do this, bridesmaids and even brides.  My daughter knows I have commented about this time and again.  Grandma found this dress for $15 last spring from Sears.  It’s a lovely dress and will get a lot of use by my piano-playing daughter.  But because it was a little loose and because my daughter wanted to enjoy dancing the night away without worrying about the dress falling down, we came up with a simple and practical solution:  ribbon straps.

We looked for a rhinestone trim but nothing matched the sparkles on the dress.  So we selected a simple ribbon and I sewed it directly to the front and back of the dress.  I double-stitched it for extra security.  As you can see, it was strong enough to withstand this “High School Musical” jump!

There is something about a tux that brings out the best behavior in a young man…..even if the limo had to make a return stop to the house because he forgot to put deodorant on……

I had to share this picture.  Look closely at the top of the tree.  Ten-year old son is up there….yep, the one who broke his arm last year….