photo blanket

Since I created a photo blanket for my neighbor to give to a volunteer, I thought it would be a nice idea to make one for my neighbor as a birthday gift. She sent a few photos and we swapped out some of the photos in the previous design for her photos. It came out great and she is so pleased with it.

galaxy blanket

My son recently had a birthday and is interested in all things stars. I scoured the internet for various fabrics, and settled in on this Carina Nebula fabric on Spoonflower. I love how you can order the designs on any of the many fabrics offered by Spoonflower. i selected the Organic Cotton Knit Ultra. I simply sewed it to black sweatshirt fleece and created a binding by folding over the backing. I had enough fabric to make a pillowcase as well. Now, we need to repaint his room which is army green!

galaxy blanket

I love the creativity one case use at Spoonflower!