A local client was cleaning out closets during the pandemic (something many of us did!) Her mother passed away over a decade ago and she found linens that had belonged to her mom.

The pieces were about 16″ x 25″. She was hoping to have the placemats be about 12″ x 16″.

Just to summarize what the process for a custom project like this might involve, I thought I’d review the steps:

  1. Client emails or calls. Discuss preliminary ideas and possible costs.
  2. Receive items, log into system.
  3. Discuss the project over the phone to review design ideas.
  4. Head to Joanns to pick out backing fabric.
  5. Wait many months because project isn’t needed until December.
  6. Call client to review ideas again because you are worried you forgot!
  7. Determine what batting to use.
  8. Pre wash and press the linen fabrics.
  9. Determine the cut size and batch cut all the linens. Repeat for backing fabric and batting.
  10. Start stitching!
  11. Invert all the placemats.
  12. Press.
  13. Quilt
  14. When almost complete, sewing machine dies. Run to repair shop.
  15. Borrow daughter’s machine to finish the job.
  16. Take photos and share with client.
  17. Set up payment and package the placemats.
  18. Take box to USPS.