A local client arrived at my home with eleven plaid button down shirts  that belonged to her late grandfather.  She asked if I could create a special gift that she could give to her grandmother, who had lost him about three months prior. I send customers to my “Memory Items” board on Pinterest.  I have saved a lot of ideas for people to consider.  My client really liked the quilt blanket that I made for family members of my son’s piano teacher.  Those were created as a personal gift from me and I shared the story behind them on this blog post.

After sharing this work in progress on my Instagram and Facebook accounts and receiving positive feedback, I decided that I will offer this in my shop. The finished blanket size is 58″ x 83″.

It consists of 24 trading patches blocks.  It has a navy sashing border and then a piano key border. It’s backed with a beautiful, blue, minky cuddle.

Although it was going to be a birthday gift, my client decided she was going straight from my house to her grandmother’s house.  There were a few tears, but there are many memories to cherish and hold close.

As are most of my quilts, these are quilt blankets, made with a quilted top and sewn to a blanket backing of your choice.  Interfacing is used when needed to reinforce the fabric. For more information please Contact me.