I had a customer contact me last year about making a quilt using the logos from golf shirts. These were shirts I hadn’t worked with exclusively before. I have cut a polo shirt and added it to a T Shirt blanket. Or, I have cut out four logos and created one block by sewing them together.


My customer and I discussed various options. But when she sent me the huge pile of shirts, I found the fabrics to be so nice and colorful, that I thought I should create a design which took full advantage of all of them. My simple idea was to center each block on a larger square of fabric in a contrasting color and design.


I created a blanket that was 5′ x 7′.I used 35 shirts and backed it with a charcoal grey sweatshirt fleece.  My customer was happy to clear out some space in her closet. She admitted it was a present to herself!  But her husband loved it, too! Especially since some of the shirts belonged to his father.


If you have an interest in this blanket, please contact me. Price:  $300 + shipping.

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