No, you’re not going to hear about the tales of my youth.  I want to share my kitchen glassware with you!

After years and years of breaking glasses at the table and mostly in the sink, I had a revelation while at a bar.  We were at an Irish pub with the kids (I love pub burgers – can’t make them like that at home!) when I noticed the bus boy throwing the glasses in a bin.  I figured that if those kinds of glasses could handle the beating of a bar crowd, they could handle my family!

We have a restaurant supply store in town so I purchased a number of glasses in various sizes.  I have seen them at Crate and Barrel, too.  I’ve been using these glasses for years now – maybe 10 or so?  I can’t remember.  Some of them have broken and they look a little beat up.  But they also hold up to the beating they take in the kitchen sink.

They are probably too thick for cocktails, but does anyone drink cocktails anymore?  And they would never do for wine!  But boy are they solid.