For some reason, we blow through socks very quickly in our house.  I think it’s because some walk in their stocking feet and we have wood and tile floors which are probably extra hard on the socks.  It sure makes me appreciate that I am not hand knitting all my family’s socks!  (Or perhaps if I WAS, they would not be wearing out as quickly….)

You may have seen how I used a sock to make a cuff on a winter coat.  Well, this is a similar concept without the sewing and it is especially useful for playing out in the snow.

First, I save all holey socks – all sizes and styles.  I cut off the heel and foot of the sock to leave a ribbed tube.  Then I throw them in a stash bag, or on the floor where all the kids’ outdoor gear is usually found.  Place a sock tube on your wrist.  Slip your coat on and then your mittens and you have a perfect cover up for that little bit of skin that always gets exposed.

When my kids were little it always seemed like the mittens never covered their wrists.  If we went sledding the snow blew up into their sleeves.  So this has been a handy tip for many years.  When they were toddlers and tykes I would simply slide the sock over their mittens and made sure it extended over their coat sleeve.  Now that the kids are older they still use the socks for heavy duty sledding days.