It has been a while since I posted one of my practical tips.  But I was so excited about Annie’s recent “re-do” that I had to share!

I struggle with whites in my laundry.  I’m not always really good about seeing and treating stains.  Before you know it, many clothes have spots on them.  It’s particularly noticeable on white and light clothes.  It reminds me of the nice peach towels we had when we first got married.  When you have a husband who is handy and does a lot of work in the yard and house, those towels eventually always look dirty. So I changed to dark towels.  Dark towels are great until you get a front load washing machine.  Then you face stinky towel syndrome.  Since you can’t bleach the towels you have to be creative about how you get them really clean.  (I use vinegar, hottest temperatures and longest cycles now.)  So my solution:  big white towels that I can bleach and small, dark towels for drying hands.  It does not make for a coordinated bathroom look, but practical isn’t always pretty.

Getting back to the problem at hand…Annie (of Pink In Mind) grabbed a cast off sweatshirt from her sister.  It was white and had a couple large spots on the front.  Annie decided that she would like to tie dye it to conceal those spots.  She used the Tulip One Step Tie Dye Bottle from Jo-Ann.  (The link shows the kit – she bought one bottle.)  She did it entirely on her own:  scrunched the sweatshirt, wrapped the rubber bands, dyed it, wrapped it in plastic bags and let it set overnight.  The next day we rinsed it and ran it through the washing machine.  I think it looks fantastic!