This is one sweet and colorful baby clothes blanket! Mom Betty was so sweet to deal with.  Her little girl is going to be one, so these clothes are from her first year! I had a lot of fun with some of the embellishments.

I kept these ruffles intact.

Betty included all kinds of notes, which also told a story.

So the center of the blanket had to include the special outfit and the hospital onesie! I did cut off the arms of the onesie because they were long and I felt they would cover up the onesie.

This was part of a monogrammed blanket – perfect for the bottom corner.

Gosh, have sleepers come a long way since my kids were babies! They have cute little ruffles and cute footies! I cut off the foot motifs on some of them and stitched them on to the square.

This blanket was backed with an ultra cuddle fleece fabric in hot pink!

I love creating these blankets! And I’m so glad that these young moms are preserving memories of their baby years…..especially before the kids become teens! 
FYI – my orders are closed for this year and I’m accepting orders for 2014.