I have discussed some aspects of pricing in the past. It is actually challenging to find the right price points for my products and my work. As a custom sewing studio, I don’t create a design and then have it manufactured.  (Although I have some ideas….)  There is no way to wholesale my work. It takes the same amount of time and materials per item to make one as it does to make twenty.

How do I determine my prices? First, there are material costs.  Because I want to truly be a “custom” studio, in which I work with my customers to select fabrics, I hold very little inventory. Therefore, when I purchase fabrics, I typically pay retail prices.  This can mean the cost to make a T Shirt blanket can vary between two different projects.  I also factor in my time to make an item. This can be hard to predict for new designs. And then there are all the additional overhead costs that are part of running a business: fees, website costs, packaging and shipping, etc.

I will be raising prices on some of my designs. Anyone who has projects in my queue that aren’t completed yet will remain at current prices.  Even though I am a custom studio, which implies that each project is unique, I may need to charge a design fee for projects that involve significant design changes and/or planning.

As always, I appreciate you keeping my hands and sewing machines busy!