I had the sweetest mom contact me about making a memory blanket out of her sons’ old blankets and sheets.  She is lamenting the fact that her boys will all be in school this fall!

(In my snarky way, I keep reminding her she won’t be feeling that way in about 10 years….)

She originally requested a 12-Block blanket, but I thought simple squares of the fabric would not be interesting enough.  I thought the hodge podge design would work better.  I asked her if she had any old T shirts – from the boys or from her or her husband.  Even baby clothes would have been fun to include!

But she was not ready to part with those yet!  So for fun, she selected a fabric that has a  colorful vintage travel postcard theme.

It is soft and cuddly – on both sides!

I had enough fabric left over to make three pillow covers.

The best part?  I think it has received the official seal of approval!