Your T-Shirts tell a story. Transform them into a functional quilt that tells YOUR story. That story may be your graduate’s high school years. Perhaps the story is about your favorite travel destinations, your irreverent humor, or the many 5Ks you have completed. Maybe the quilt will tell the story of a loved one who has passed. Think of the feeling of wrapping yourself in his Tees.

Whatever your story is, a memory quilt is not simply for hanging on a wall (although it is so stunning you may consider doing so.) It is meant to be used. I create quilt blankets with a quilted top and a blanket bottom. The styles range from T Shirt Quilts with and without a border, to a hodge podge or crazy quilt style. I can also make quilts with pajamas and polo shirts. You may decide which style you want based on the number of shirts you have, the size desired or your budget.

To start the process:

1. View the Quilt Price Sheet Below (or download here.)


3. Send in your clothing articles – the mailing information will be sent to you upon purchase.

20 Block1755' x 6'
25 Block2506' x 6'
9 Block With Border1504' x 4'
12 Block With Border2255' x 6'
16 Block With Border3006' x6'
20 Block Duvet4007.5' x 7.5'
Hodge Podge2755' x 6'
XL Hodge Podge3506' x 6'
Log Cabin3505' x 6'This is a good choice if you have limited shirts and want a creative, log cabing quilt style.
Color Block2005' x 6'Good choice if you have limited shirts. Can add coordinating fabrics.
Polo3505' x 6'
Brick or PJ$175, $350, $4254' x 5' , 5' x 6', 7.5' x 7.5'This is a good choice for pajamas or fabrics with small designs.
Necktie4004' x 5'
Button Down Shirt With Fabric Borders3755' x 7'
Plaid Button Down Shirt with Piano Key Border4505' x 7'This quilt used 11 button-down shirts.
Photo2005' x 6'Example shows 18 photos.
Door Banner601.5' x 3'
Table Banner1203' x 7.5'
Baby - 36 Block2254' x 4'Block size is 8.5". Works best with clothes that are bigger than 12 months.
XL Baby - 63 Block3505' x 6'Block size is 8.5". Works best with clothes that are bigger than 12 months.
Baby - Small Block - 16, 25, 36, 64, 80, 108$75, $125, $200, $275, $350, $4002' x 2', 3' x 3', 3.5' x 3.5' , 4' x 4' , 4' x 5' , 5' x 6Block size is 6". Works well with smaller onesies and can even work well with larger sizes.
Baby Patchwork2004' x 4'The central design can be a t shirt or several t shirts.
Baby Patchwork2253.5' x 4'Fabric designs and colors will be customized.
Baby Patchwork With Name5253.5' x 4'Fabric designs and colors will be customized.
Wall Hanging6504' x 3.5'Design will be customized.