I have another opportunity to review a product for CSN stores.  I’m going to steer clear of ironing board accessories this time, however.  I was checking out their amazing shops,  including their “All Modern” shop and was surprised to see everything from modern dining room furniture to light fixtures to kitchenware. 

There was a time I was fascinated by modern furniture.  I used to subscribe to Metropolitan Home when I was a teenager and dream about the clean, modern lines my apartment or home would have.  You’ve peeked at my home and you know that it is not modern.  Somewhere along the way, life got in the way.

They do have some lovely wine glasses.  My neighbors gave me my own set of six red wine glasses for Christmas.  (I told you my neighbors are wonderful!)  A Merlot or Cabernet really should be consumed in one of these glasses.  I’ve had them but they get broken if you’re not careful.  (I’ll blame my husband.)  So what a treat it is to have a nice glass again.

I’m a bit of a label girl.  I love “Mommy’s Time Out” and recently bought “Mad Housewife” just for the label!

A week ago I shopped on Friday as I do most Fridays.  I went out to unload the groceries from the car to see the ambulance next door.  Our neighbor had discovered her husband in his chair after snow blowing.  He was 74, they were married 51 years and she is so lost without him.  Today I went shopping and came home.  It’s a new normal.  It doesn’t feel right that life just keeps going on while the lives of others have turned upside down.

My son is back at college.  We are looking at a long weekend for the kids and hope to get out cross-country skiing.  Tonight, instead of pizza in, we’re going to redeem a free pizza at the local Italian eatery.  A glass of wine in my special glass, a relaxing night with my husband and  kids, maybe clearing the desk and getting back to some sewing.  Normal.