I had a customer contact me and told me that her dad died last year. Her mother got rid of all of his clothes without her knowing.  All she had left was a pair of jeans and shoes that had been left at the hospital.

Twenty messages ensued (that is typical with my custom orders.) She was unsure what could be made so I shared ideas. There is a lot of fabric in a pair of pants when you cut along the inseam.  We decided on a pillow. She selected a home decorator fabric for herself and a separate fabric for her daughter. We had enough fabric to make a third which she is giving to her sister.

I thought it would be nice to keep the pocket on the front. For my customer, I had enough denim to put on the front and back. For the other two, I simply used the home dec fabric for the backing.

Hearing the words “father” and “hospital” brought back memories of my dad’s final months and the time spent in hospitals. It’s a tough time. But I hope that these pillows bring happy memories of times spent with a cherished father.

If you have questions about custom pillows, please contact me.   I have two listings on my Etsy shop for different kinds of memory pillows: button-down shirt style and T shirt style.  These listings are starting points. Feel free to discuss options. My pillows are actually pillow cases – the customer purchases the pillow.  (That is why this pillow looks a little flimsy. I didn’t have enough pillow inserts in the proper size.)

I always consider it an honor to create memory items for my customers.