I finished this blanket up last week when we had some lovely fall days. Billy got to take a field trip to this park to count fish for his ecology class. I threatened that I was going to ride my bike to the park and he was mortified that I might show up there while he was with his class! Instead, when I learned that Annie had a friend stopping home after school and before going out to pizza, I bribed them with pizza money if they would go to the park with me to take a few photos.

I had dubbed this the “Girlfriend Blanket” because this size, 25 Block, was originally commissioned by a woman to give to a friend. I have made a number of these, including the one I sent to Australia, and they have been thoughtfully designed. They special ordered T shirts to be included in the blanket. What sweet friends!

It’s made with a sweatshirt fleece backing. Sure, it’s a blanket and it’s cozy and perfect for snuggling on the couch. But it can also be used as a stadium blanket or a picnic blanket!

 I also love this bridge over the river.

I hope you are enjoying some lovely fall days. I am bracing for the day it all changes to cold and wet….and then lasts until next May!