We are a very pragmatic household. We are also a bit fussy when it comes to our tastes in food and drink. Although we live near the wonderful natural resource, Lake Erie, which gives us an abundance of drinking water straight from the tap, my family prefers chilled water. To top it off, half of my family prefers lemon water. So what’s a pragmatist like myself to do to prevent various children from sticking their noses into all the pitchers?

Make scrabble charms!  Seeing so many wonderful items made from Scrabble tiles on Etsy, I scooped up a box at a garage sale, sure that I’d find a use for them.  So, now, we can distinguish our W ater,

from our L emon water, and even our K ool Aid and O range J uice!

(The “O” tile broke during construction, but my husband glued it!)