The cicadas are singing and the kids are sad. The familiar sound is a sure sign that school is coming. While I have been balancing near-constant sewing with the near-constant chaos of life with teens, time has marched forward.

After a flurry of making graduation quilts, I am looking forward to the next round of custom blankets I am making – many of which will be baby clothes quilts!  In a twist on the usual graduation gift, some parents are giving these blankets as gifts to their kids as they send them off to college!

It is a poignant time. A time between carefree youth and adulthood. Sending them forth can mean as much to mom and dad as it does to the student.  I remember that time well.

In the past two years I have gone through the process of sending my oldest two off to college. It is an exciting time, a time of transition and a time of growth.   These three blankets represent that time to me. The memory quilts are filled with memories of the high school years, but also look forward to the college years.

It’s a time for parents to let go.

Soon, the backyard swings will only sway with the wind. They’ll pack up their blanket and their dorm supplies and head off to learn and experience wonderful things!

And then – WE PARTY!