onesie with tie applique

I have a baby shower for my cousin’s daughter and wanted to make her something special. She is having a little boy, so I scoured my stash and put together these gifts. I bought the two sizes of onesies she had on her registry and make a bowtie and tie applique in both sizes (and kept the remainder plain.)


I used some baseball fleece and minky to create a tag blanket. I use some of my own labels and any ribbons or recycled labels I can find.


I had some shirting fabric that I made into an apron. I really wanted a menswear look, but don’t like sewing buttons on baby bibs. I thought about drawing or embroidering buttons on, but didn’t. A sailboat applique would have been cute if I had not run out of time.


I really wanted to make a cute, knit blanket with a binding and a matching knit hat. However, since I decided to make this gift this week, I was unable to find any cute baby boy knits locally. Joann’s had very little selection. So I took some minky dot and some cotton gingham and made a simple applique.


It was fun to put together these gifts and I hope the mom-to-be enjoys them!