Sometimes my craft room looks like this!  And while I have no right to complain that I don’t have space, because I am forever grateful for this room which is also a shared office, craft room and sewing space, I don’t have tons of space for projects and fabric.

You might recall my quick craft room cleanup in which I diverted everything into bags under my counter.

That worked until I got tired of looking at the bags.  So I bought some bins.

That worked until the number of quilts I am making started to grow.   So this….

has become this…..

But thanks to one of my local customers who delivered her items (which are very interesting, by the way!) in a plastic bin I was inspired to store my quilt-blankets-in-progress in covered bins.  This will keep them tidy, organized and covered, which is important since threads and lint are flying everywhere!

Are you in a reorganizing mood?