Summer here in Northeast Ohio gave way to a gorgeous fall. I spent quite a few days at football games, track meets, and on the Ohio Turnpike. I snapped this picture while rolling by at some 70 miles per hour. The scenery that once bored me now calms me. I see beauty and peace when I look at these farms. I think about the hard work. I wonder why the barns are almost always red? I imagine sitting on a porch swing, reading. The frenzied summer gave way to the glorious fall and now we are on the brink of snow. Dampness and chill are in the air. A wool sweater is always nearby.  It’s a time for a little bit of selfish sewing and some couch time reading.

I have several libraries I frequent and one has a new book section that always has a generous supply of new sewing, knitting, and design books. I head straight to the 746. section! I picked up some great books. Most, I will just look at the beautiful photos. Some I will read. “The Dutch Traditional Ganseys” book has a lot of information as well as patterns inspired by old designs. Anything by Jane Brocket is just pretty and colorful to look at. Project Teen has some super suggestions of things to sew up for teens. And the Kraft-Tex Style book has me utterly intrigued. I want to get some Kraft-Tex to play around with but this book was the first I had heard about it!

Speaking of fall, I just love these plaid pillow cases. They belong to my customer’s 92 year old grandpa. He doesn’t wear them anymore, so she asked me to make these pillow cases and she is giving them as gifts to her sisters.

What is it about plaid and fall?  I am slowly working on my Archer shirt in the lightweight denim. I would love to make one in a plaid, as well. But at the rate I am going on selfish sewing, winter will segue into summer….