I don’t have specific items that I am adding to the shop this week.  I have been busy preparing items for a craft show that I am doing with Annie.  I’ve made a batch of stadium seat cushions.

I’m also making sweatshirt totes.  The following is one of Annie’s zippered sweatshirts.  It was in the giveaway pile because I didn’t think I could make a tote from a zip-up hoodie.  But I salvaged the zipper and sewed a seam where the zipper was.

I was really excited to try my hand at a zipper coil flower!  I’ve made several now and find it completely satisfying to make.

Because I love to upcycle and recycle when I can (it’s been a large part of my inspiration the past few years) I would like to find a home for the scraps that come from my studio.  I produce a lot of T shirt and polar fleece scraps.  The T shirts could easily be used to make the T Shirt necklaces that are all the rage.  You can see all my destash listings here.

I am mostly interested in finding a use for these scraps.  I also have produced more since the time of those photos.  Feel free to contact me about combining the fabrics or exploring other shipping options.

Wishing you a great weekend!  We’ve had mild temperatures this week, which is good since I’m off to another football game.  Our high school team is in the playoffs – Annie is in the band and her cousin is on the team, so football keeps going on and on!