I’m diving in!  I’m trying my first pair of pants.  It’s Simplicity 2860 Amazing Fit.

I have had this pattern for what seems like a year.  I have several “Amazing Fit” patterns but have yet to try one. I struggle to find pants that fit me or are comfortable.  I just don’t like the low-riding pants that happen to sit at the biggest part of my belly!

The pattern has three separate pattern sets inside for “slim”, “average” and “curvy.”  I will spare you any measurement photos….but will tell you that I’m in the “curvy” category.  (All that Couch-2-5K hasn’t made me slim yet…)

It’s very cold and gloomy here in Northeast Ohio, so my pictures are under my CFLs in the studio!  I bought a bottom weight from JoAnns.  It’s a cotton/poly blend that is supposed to be wrinkle resistant. 

I am particularly motivated to try the pants for myself because I’m making a pair of custom pants at the boutique I’m working at.  I thought it would be good to work these in tandem, or even ahead of that pair, so I understand the construction techniques.  After all, it isn’t rocket science, right?

So tell me, do you want to join me?  Have you tried pants?  Any tips for me?  Horror stories?