Are you zooming ’round the bend of the week?

The most exciting thing I sewed yesterday is a “wrist coach” for my 11 year old son.  This is the device quarterbacks slip on their wrists to view various plays.  My son and I designed it and he is thrilled with the result.  I told him he should slide his vocabulary words in there and study them.

I am doing some custom sewing projects which are keeping me very busy: a very large window seat and a T-shirt quilt.  A simple project like a window seat can really add up.  The foam is very expensive, not to mention the fabric and trims! 

The quilt is for a customer of “Crafters for Chemo CoPay”.  This is a company which pairs crafters with cancer victims struggling to pay their copay bills.

You know I love interesting ways to use old T-shirts.  My T-shirt pillow has been included in this E-book by Favecrafts:  “9 Ways to Transform Old T-Shirts”.  There are some fun projects in it including a scarf and apron.

Finally, I have my T-Shirt Quilt Pattern listed on “You Can Make This.”  This site is full of creative ideas!

I hope your week is going well!