The pace of summer is busy as ever, but I finally feel like I am catching my breath. There are plenty of orders still, but some folks who have been waiting a very, very, long time have their quilt blankets! I know this was a busy “quilt week” on the blog with some new styles I have created. But I have done some other sewing as well.

Above you’ll see a drawstring sweatshirt backpack! I’m so excited to make this for my nephew who is heading to OSU! I will share a DIY tutorial on how to make this very soon.

Do you remember the pillow I made out of an old band uniform?  I converted the pants into a stadium tote! It was really simple and quick. I’ll share a DIY for this, as well.
My son’t girlfriend turned 21. He bought her a bottle of wine so I thought a wine tote would be a fun gift. I made it out of one of my coffee sacks! It may be an odd combination – coffee and wine – but it enabled me to sew just a small bit of the coffee sack, which is tolerable. What do you think? 

A face!

An oversized tote in a lovely black and white – always classic! This is listed in my Etsy shop.

In case you are here for the first time, my totes are unlined and can fold up compactly.

My new monogrammed bag! I’ll be listing this in my shop. This has been dragged to the beach and a music festival. I threw it in the wash, pressed it and here it is! I made it really big!

 Oh yes, I finished another hodge podge blanket with a border! I love the colors!

A sea shell bag in a custom fabric.