shamrock applique sweatshirt blanket

I was talking to my mom one day and she mentioned that her friend was looking for donations for the Celtic Ball. I came up with the idea of a sweatshirt blanket with a shamrock applique. Thinking that it would make a great blanket to survive the weather on Cleveland’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, I was inspired to create an entire basket as a St. Patrick’s Day Parade Survival Kit.

st patricks day parade survival basket

It’s a little hard to see under the cellophane. but the “basket” is a wheeled cooler and it contains:

  • Handmade Sweatshirt Blanket with Shamrock Applique
  • Handmade Argyle Neck Warmers, 2
  • Wheeled Cooler
  • Portable Tripod Stools, 2
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Tailgate Supplies: Tablecloth, Paper Plates, Napkins
  • Socks, 3
  • Festive Parade Gear: Beads, Eyeglasses, Hats
  • Tailgate Care Pack: Sunscreen, Sanitizer, Chapstick

st patricks day parade survival basket

I was excited to add the portable tripod chairs, purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  The chair, when packed, is not much bigger than a portable umbrella.

neck warmer

I frequently shop at Joann’s. I picked up a lot of the little knick knacks from there since they were already on sale: tablecloth, socks, napkins, hats, glasses. I saw this blue and green argyle knit fabric and scooped it up to make several neck warmers. We have had some beautiful, sunny parade days, but also some brutally cold days. We love neck warmers in our house. We use them to ski, snow blow, run, sled.

My mom donated a bottle of Bailey’s and I had a tailgate package that includes sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and lip balm.

shamrock applique sweatshirt blanket

I’m excited about the applique blanket and am planning to offer this in my shop. I envision it at a customizable blanket. Choose, color of sweatshirt fleece, orientation of the applique, and the applique.


I kicked around the idea on my Facebook page and some suggestions for the applique included: monogram, dog, sports themes, and camera. I also could see appliqueing one, special T Shirt that a customer would send to me. What do you think?

shamrock applique sweatshirt blanket

I had a lot of fun putting this basket together and hope the winner enjoys using it on St. Patrick’s Day and beyond!