See this sweet little stash bag?  You could win one by visiting my Twitter friend Jen’s lovely blog.  I designed these bags to stash wet things, like damp mittens or doggy sweaters.  I think it would be great for doggy toys or doggy clean-up bags.  But use it to stash anything you collect around the house:  kids’ toys, hair bows, bath toys or yarn!

My son just returned from his first year in college.  Remember the Sponge Bob stash bag I made for him?  (Read all about it here.)  Well, I’m proud to say that bag survived an entire year of going into the shower and hanging on a hook with at least three large containers in it!  Frankly, I’m surprised it held up so well!

So, if a college grad is in your future,  you could also use the stash bag for shower supplies.  So head on over to the contest!

Some other excitement happening on the internet.  I won these amazing fingerless gloves from the fantastic LazyTCrochet!  I always love winning prizes!  These gloves are sooo soft and perfect for the chilly spring we had around here.  Plus, they cover up my hairy arms….

Since we were on the topic of dogs, I thought I’d share this adorable puppy and kitten stationery from my friend Fiona.  I will be sharing an interview with this lovely woman soon!

Remember when there was a Saw Whet Owl in our front yard?  I purchased this lovely note card.  Isn’t it adorable?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!