I realized I never blogged about this necktie quilt. My client wanted to create a wall hanging in a sunburst motif.  I checked Pinterest and went to work. Using the size she desired, I laid the ties out on the floor, loosely alternating them in length. I then determined the approximate size of the center circle needed.

Using colors that my client wanted, I created the center circle. From there I cut the ties and edge-stitched the ties onto the base fabric, batting and backing fabric all at once.

When the ties were completed, I stitched the circle down to conceal the cut edges of the ties.

I then used the remaining ties to create a piano key border on the top and bottom. I also used a length of tie to create an edge to the piano key.

I love how this quilt turned out!  It’s colorful and happy and a wonderful way to remember a loved one.