My new products are almost always driven by my customers. This newest blanket I am calling the Girlfriend Blanket for several reasons. First, it is as wide as it is long – perfect for two to cozy under (just like these sister/girlfriends…..) 

But also, because my customer created this blanket for her girlfriend. She gathered 25 shirts – not only from her past, but also purchased and/or designed these shirts for her! Now THAT’S a girlfriend!

We were on the phone quite a few times. She had a very specific design in mind because the order of the shirts meant something to her. The Michigan had to be central, which is a big reason shy she wanted a 5 x 5 design…. (I asked her if she was an engineer….)  She liked this houndstooth fleece – I loved using a pattern for the backing!
The extra width means that I have to buy double the fabric and add a seam to the back.
I am offering this blanket in my Etsy shop and will be adding it to my website, too.