Every time I complete a T Shirt Memory Quilt I feel like I have given birth.  I am the proud mother of this beautiful, new “baby”. 

This quilt is for a customer who lost her dad rather suddenly.  She is going to give it to her mom for a Christmas present.  It is rather poignant to work on a project that is like a memorial to someone.  And to know that her mom will be wrapped in her husband’s memories is comforting.

It can be a challenge to find a fabric that pulls a quilt together.  We went back and forth with photos and links and we were having a hard time honing in on one.  The shirts presented a challenge because the T shirts had some vivid colors in them and the button-down shirts had a more muted tone.

Sometimes it’s just easier to spread the T shirts out at the store and bring lots of samples to lay next to them.  It also helps to get a little advice, so I headed to an area quilt shop and used their “color eye” to help me find a fabric. 

The one we settled on has some interesting color splashes in it and the gold has a bit of sheen.  I backed the blanket with a denim blue polar fleece. 

My customer sent along some extra shirts.  I was inspired by a Martha Stewart craft I had seen.  I made pillow covers for her.  I thought it was a perfect addition to the T Shirt Blanket.  She simply has to add a pillow form and button up the shirt!  It’s practical because it’s easy to remove and wash, but also an additional memory.

I’ve added the custom pillow covers to my shop here.

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